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You will discover the little-known secrets to:

  1. How to travel the world for FREE, while earning thousands of dollars for yourself, your company, organization or charity.
  2. Developing closer friendships and business ties
  3. The "Secret Sauce" to creating your own life-changing special events on land or at sea, with the priceless camaradererie of people who share the same dreams and goals.
  4. You'll learn how YOU can do all this risk free and stress-free
  5. Fun and profitable group getaways
  6. Why 20, 50, even hundreds of people you already know are waiting to join you on  the adventure of a lifetime (that often becomes an annual event).

Why This Book Is For You

We are about to go on a journey with you to the land of possibilities.

Do you have a dream destination or special cruise itinerary in mind? Can you imagine how exciting it would be to share that vacation with your friends, family, neighbors, and others with whom you have a personal or business bond?

You can even vacation for FREE!

In our book Hosting Group Events in Paradise, you will discover how easy it is to turn that possibility into a reality through the power of groups.  

This book is NOT about you quitting your job, changing careers, starting a new business, getting into the world of travel.  It's about the world of travel getting into YOU!  It's also about a major mindset shift that we had to undergo when we decided to STOP making a living and start making a LIFE!  A life that includes exotic ports of call and a sea of strangers we now call friends.  And how YOU can do the same, starting here, starting NOW!

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